The Nova 111 brings together the brightest stars of each country under 35 to impulse the talent that will redefine our future.

We are looking for someone who has shown extraordinary results during the last years, someone who inspires others: the leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to your first step to the stars.

The application process.

We have developed a dedicated process that will help us understand your key strengths and your potential, it only requires 15 minutes. Will you or someone you know made it to the list?

If you want to nominate someone (or apply yourself) there are a few steps ahead that should be completed.

Do you want to know more about the Swedish List? Check our FAQ document here.

Fasten your seatbelt.

Let's take off.


Your personal background

We will evaluate candidates' experience, LinkedIn/resumé, to learn about their challenges and achievements.
Don't worry we talent is more than just a resumé...


Personality & Logical Test

We want to know how we can make talent shine even brighter, this is why we want to understand the way candidates think and who they are.


Video interview

This last step is the most important one. During a short video interview, where to elaborate on learnings, aspirations and motivation to be on list we will get to know candidates better.

The selection process.

Our team of Talent Managers at Nova will review each of the applications and shortlist 20 finalists for each vertical, according to a score.

The final score will take into account candidates' potential by looking at traits such as emotional intelligence, IQ, professional track record and motivation. All those elements will be measured by a proprietary software supervised by the Nova team before being finally validated by the jury.

Then, a jury of recognized industry and talent experts formed by leading HR directors, selected Nova members with outstanding careers and company partners will select the 10 who will ultimately make it to the list. 


Since some talent are simply hard to fit in a specific domain, among the applicants, one will be awarded as the Super Nova of the year.

If you want to know more details about the Selection Process, click here

The impulse.

The awarded ones will get access to perks and benefits aimed at accelerating their development and impact on the world.

  • Get coached and mentored by industry leaders 

  • Earn an invitation to the Nova Network

  • Be on the spotlight on leading media outlets

Perks of nominating someone

As a nominator, if one of your nominees will make it to the list, you will be rewarded with an exclusive invitation to the Award Gala dinner where you will be meeting with the country's present and future stars, top managers and thought leaders.


You will also receive an invitation to the Nova network and access to some of the perks and benefits sponsored by our partners.

Are you ready?


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